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If there was any doubt as to who reigns as the social media and digital marketing king over the past few years, video has rendered any debate. Here's why:
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Why Video is the New Digital Marketing King

Why Video is the New Digital Marketing King

If there was any doubt as to who reigns as the social media and digital marketing king over the past few years, video has rendered any debate. A simple scroll through your Facebook feed is enough to support this claim, as it is nearly impossible to swipe your thumb up without seeing some type of video marketing content.

In facet, a Cisco Whitepaper forecasts that by 2020, video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

As noted by Forbes , video marketing has a way of standing out from other content on social media, providing customers with a quick and more personal overview of a product or campaign.

Videos’ ability to be concise in relaying information and marketing messages plays right into the stiff competition for continually shortening attention spans.

Add this to the recent developments in micro-video apps that allow for video marketing content to automatically play as customers scroll through their feeds, then it’s not too difficult to see why video remains one of the best ways to generate both engagement and interest for brands .

With that said, if you still have doubts, we listed down some reasons why you should ‘stay in the game’ by investing in videos on your online content.

Numbers back it up

  • According to inbound marketing agency Impact Brand & Design , in the US, 75 million people watch videos online every day.
  • Embedded videos on websites can increase traffic by up to 55 percent
  • Almost 40 percent of all video content is watched on mobile
  • YouTube Reaches the crucial 18–34 demographic more than cable TV network
  • From $ 2 billion in 2011 spending in digital video marketing has been on a steady incline since, growing to $ 8.05 billion in 2016
  • According to marketing agency HubSpot , 50 percent of executives look for more information after seeing a product / service in a video
  • On average, top brands gain 98,000 YouTube views per video, and, for every minute, video marketing content generate an average of 350 social interactions.
  • Online video is found to be 600 percent more effective as a marketing tool than print and direct mail combined



As pointed out by UK-based marketing agency Outside The Box , apart from having basic features of being liked, followed, commented on, and shared, video marketing content creates an organic, two-way interaction between the company and the customer- the sort of engagement that’s extremely difficult to match using other platforms.

This kind of engagement formed with video content can bring out feelings of trust, curiosity and confidence with your audience.

  • Trust – Video offers more chance to tap the emotions of your audience, creating an opportunity to create an in-depth relationship with your customers.
  • Curiosity – You can end your videos with a question, or a teaser for the next video or content that could accommodate spark the interest of your audience.
  • Confidence – Using video in a compilation of your current client’s testimonials can get rid of any doubts your future customers might have.


Brand Recall

Video marketing, when done right, can Increase your chances of earning a specific image on your potential customers’ minds.

Brand recall, aside from sales, is always the top goal in any digital marketing campaign.

HubSpot notes that 80 percent of customers can remember a video they watched over the past month due to the videos’ innate appeal to the senses. And when customers remember your video marketing content, they remember your brand, which translates to getting a step up on the competition by giving you more leads, and eventually, more sales.


Boosts SEO

HubSpot also points out that apart from having 65 percent of business decision makers visiting a marketer’s website after viewing a branded video, 39 percent of decision makers those same contact a company branded after viewing the video.

So not only do you get sales leads, but you also improve your overall SEO standing by driving people to your homepage.

Google’s post panda update, which prioritizes the websites whose users stay with a page, also gives video content more leverage for unlike text that people can just scan or run-through, video gathers and maintains the attention of viewers, which can lower your bounce rate and increase the time people spend on your page.

Of course, all these benefits does not come with an effortless video content or ineffective.


Few Things to Keep in Mind in Using the Digital Marketing King

Know your audience

Understanding your customers and their consumption habits is key in every marketing campaign.

But when it comes to the digital realm and video marketing, being where your audience is, is just as crucial. Being everywhere is not the goal, being where your audience is, is.

Creativity + Quality

Getting on the video platform is not enough. You have to ensure code that the videos you produce for your digital marketing is not only of top quality but is creative as well.

There are tons of content online competing for short attention spans. Investing in the venture allows you to produce unique, quality content that attracts your customers.


Videos with subtitles in dialogues appear to be a trend that will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

People tend to sneak in social media time while at work, so you want to make sure that even when the phone is on silent volume, or when they’re just blankly scrolling through their feeds, that your message is able to be communicated.

Keep it short

As pointed out by marketing agency Hub Digital , attention spans have decreased from 12 to eight seconds over the last 15 years.

These days, unless it offers an in-depth tutorial or a run-through of the history of something that requires a few minutes to explain comprehensively, try to keep your video marketing content under 90 seconds.

Call to action

As with most digital marketing efforts, attaching a call to action to your video marketing content is crucial.

You do not want to invest in a unique and powerful content without telling your customers what to do after they’ve watched the video. And it does not always have to be a meeting — it could be as simple as sharing the video, or providing them with a coupon code for use on your website.

These things are just on top of all the other things you need to keep in touch to be able to effectively make use of videos for your digital marketing efforts.

Including videos to your digital marketing campaign can be time consuming and resource exhausting, which is why marketing professionals and businesses can not really prioritize this strategy that is proven to give a rapid business growth and increase of income. These are the main reasons why businesses who offer video creation services, like Avenew Media , exist.

All signs point to video marketing being atop the digital marketing world for the foreseeable future.