8 Most Important Social Media Tips for B2B Lead Generation
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8 Most Important Social Media Tips for B2B Lead Generation

8 Most Important Social Media Tips for B2B Lead Generation

With emerging technology raising the bar for businesses in virtually every industry, marketers must find ways to stay ahead of the curve. Social media is a prime example of technology that seems to be constantly under construction — apps seem to have new updates on a daily basis, and new features and plugins to enable new functionalities become available just as quickly. Social networking is a prerequisite for success, since Almost everyone and everything can now be found on various social media websites.

Businesses who fail to participate in social media simply cannot compete with those who are more active. Active B2B companies are aware of the numerous possibilities that social media can provide for implementing marketing tactics. As a business owner, you should realize that a strong social media presence can increase your brand awareness and can boost your website traffic, B2B lead generation, and profit.

Here are some helpful tactics to boost your B2B lead generation:

1. Choosing a social media platform

It is crucial to identify which social media platform of choice for both targeting your audience and creating more focused tactics. Getting your social media foundation right from the start of your marketing strategy is advisable to ensure that you convert a large percent of B2B leads into profit.

Another reason for choosing the right social media platform is because it plays a huge part in B2B lead generation, or more importantly, how you implement your tactics.

2. Identify your target customers

If you have the slightest suspicion that your business suffers low engagement on your social media profiles, then it’s probably because you don’t have an accurate definition of your target customer. When you are aware of your targeted customers’ age, gender, occupation, likes, dislikes, income, interests and needs, it will be easier for you to gain their attention on social media.

Having well defined social media marketing can improve your conversions from every channel you use to promote your business.

3. Understand the habits of your target audience

What better way to know someone than asking them questions about themselves? The same goes for your targeted audience. B2B marketers can use this tactic to gain better understanding of projected social media needs and habits. This tactic can be done in three ways:

a. Continuing engagement to your former and current customers. They have similar needs and wants with your potential customers; so don’t neglect them to try to win over new customers

b. Having insight to what is important to your former and current customers. Facebook and Twitter give you a good idea as to what your customers interact with the most.

c. Using social media tools to determine when and what your customers and targeted audience are spending time on specific social media websites.

4. Know and research your competitors

As the saying goes, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” This also applies to social media tactics. In the world of social media marketing, researching your competition keeps you apprised of their activities and gives you an idea of what works for them.

To get started, determine at least three to five competitors. Make a research of their social media network accounts and examine their content strategy, number of followers, how frequently they post and what time of the day.

How your competitors respond to their followers is also important. Audience engagement is important because it allows you to retain loyal customers and you can take gathered data and use it to your advantage.

5. Promote a gated content

“Every post, other than a response or comment, should have a picture or video. That’s one of the most important things to remember,” stated by Guy Kawakasi, talking about promoting a gated content.

This tactic is one of the most effective ways for B2B lead generation in social media. Getting your content out in the world through the use of social media marketing helps direct audience to your website’s landing page where they are asked to fill out a form where you can generate new leads in your database.

Generally, most leads take only a few seconds to make a decision on whether they want to read a page and give out their information, it is therefore important to create a landing page that is simple and easy to understand.

6. Invest on social media advertising

About 84 percent of B2B marketers use social media; and investing on social media advertising helps you sell products and services, and earn profit.

Nowadays that almost everyone uses social media, having an active presence in social media gives you different channels to reach out to your customers and here are some of the reasons why you should invest in social media advertising:

  • Social media posts direct targeted traffic towards your website;
  • Advertising in social media helps increase your website’s seo;
  • It also promotes a trusting relationship with your customers;
  • You can repeatedly target your customers;
  • Your customers can get an improved response time;
  • A strong and steady media presence can build your brand and earn you loyal customers.

Social media advertising is important because it marks the first step in building your business’ branding which represents you, your products and services.

7. Call to actions is key

CTA (Call to Action) is important in social media marketing to help you promote your business, invite customer feedback, ask for suggestions where you can base your next step and link targeted audiences to your landing page.

CTA takes on various looks and purposes when you are marketing your business online, and to earn a profit you have to lead your potential customers to you. It seems to also work better when you have a sense of urgency to be of service to your customers and targeted audiences.

8. Present statistics

One great way to boost your social media feed is by providing statistics. Many of your customers will find this information interesting, sharable and proof that what you offer is worth a second look. Your customers are also an excellent source of information; post your ROI (return on investment) statistics regarding a single customer or a group of customers.

You can also post statistics from other people’s research, but be sure to credit them properly if you haven’t done any research of your own.



Social media marketing prove to help B2B companies achieve their business goals successfully, specifically in B2B lead generation.

It is also vital that you look into your web and social media analytics on a regular basis. Social media also helps you fully embrace its significance in the world of online marketing to generate B2B leads.