PeoPay Lab – case study

Bank Pekao S.A
Fintech & Banking
Content production
Pekao is one of the major Polish banking institutions. That’s why, when Apple finally decided to bring Apple Pay to Poland, Pekao joined the competition to make the best product launch campaign. The client approached us with an extremely short delivery time and unambiguously high productions standards, asking for the production of a set of explanatory videos for their mobile banking app, PeoPay.
On set with Bank Pekao S.A.
Our film crew on set with Bank Pekao S.A.
Within a timeframe of less than a week, we opened bank accounts in Pekao Bank, proceeded technological research and tested the app to learn all of its capabilities. This enabled us to write detailed scenarios for the explanatory videos, operating at the time pressure of a short-term delivery time.
Our film crew on set with Bank Pekao S.A.
We interviewed over 30 professional actors to find the perfect fit for the role. Working hand in hand with the client, we managed to appoint all the actors in merely two days.
Meanwhile, our team continued preparing for recording and searched for the proper studio that would fit into the video style. We also designed animations that would be used later in the post-production process. We knew there is no time to lose so we delegated our entire workforce to support Pekao as they began their journey to become the leader of the innovation at the service launch. Within one month we delivered 26 leading quality videos for Peopay Lab platform. This proved, as long as the right team of people are working collectively together, there is nothing to prevent us from accomplishing mission impossible.
On launch day, PeoPay was among the best-received launch campaigns in Poland. Pekao received a high-quality product within a short timeframe, and once again were reassured that Avenew Media is the reliable partner, especially on the most demanding projects.

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